Ground Microphones (Ground Mic)

These are a nice handy piece of kit to have with you when you are out and about looking for leaks. Small and compact in size and very good for validating a pin pointed leak from a correlator. There are a number of manufacturers that produce ground microphones and all with different ideas of portability and function. Some of the faults that we have had reported, and repaired over the years are faulty switches, no audio, no power, damaged cables and broken sockets.

We have hands on experience with:

  • Fuji TECOM HG10AII
  • SebaKMT HLE500, HLE5000 Hydrolux HL5 and Hydrolux HL10
  • Palmer MK4,Xmic and Lmic

Your Ground Mic not on the list? Drop us a line, we may be able to help you with the Ground Mic you have.

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