Leak Noise Correlator

If you are here you know what a Correlator is and you probably want someone to fix it.

  • Unit not getting the right reading, can you help? Yes
  • Unit not holding charge, can you help? Yes
  • Unit not finding leak, can you help? We hope so
  • Broken plug or socket, can you fix this? Yes
  • Damaged cable, can you fix this? Yes

Above are a few examples of the issues customers have had with their correlators. RTCAL has many years knowledge working on correlators not just from one manufacturer or one model (see list below). We strive to source parts not just from the manufacturer but also our own supply chain to ensure value for money.

Correlators we have worked on:

  • Primayer Eureka, Eureka 2, Eureka 2R, Eureka 3, Eureka3+ and Eureka Primetouch
  • SebaKMT Correlux P1, Correlux P2 and Correlux C3
  • Palmer Microcorr5, Microcall, Microcorr DX, Microcorr7, MCtouch and MCtouch Pro
  • Gutermann AQ610 and AquascanTM2
  • Biwater Aquacorr and Aquacorr+
  • Sewerin AC06

If you need any help just pick up the phone or contact us via the contact us link.

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