We can service and repair most types of water leak detection equipment including:

  • Correlators: Biwater (Casella)/Spectrascan(Aquacorr, Aqaucorr+)
  • Primayer: (Eureka2, Eureka2R, Eureka 3)
  • Palmer: (MCtouch, MC7, Microcall+, Microcorr DX)
  • SebaKMT: (CorreluxP1, Correlux P2, Correlux C3)
  • Gutermann: (Aquascan AQ610)
  • Ground Microphone: Fuji (HG-10AII)
  • Palmer: (Xmic, Lmic, MK4)
  • SebaKMT: (HLE500, HLE5000, Hydrolux HL10)
  • Step Testers: Palmer (MAST and MASTII)
  • Loggers: Primayer (Enigma)
  • HWM RADCOM (SoundSens, Lolog 450)

If you currently use a different make or model of equipment then give us a call or email to see how we can help.

Our all in one service or calibration price for correlators includes:

  • Most minor repairs and parts as required*
  • Test and minor repairs of all connecting leads and ancillary equipment*
  • Full frequency response check of transmitter/receiver system
  • Correlation time delay accuracy

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